IR websites that help you get the valuation you deserve

IR websites that evolve with your business

  • Fast delivery
  • Minimal involvement
  • Data driven

Get A Beautiful IR Site, Tell Your Equity Story, and have it Updated Automatically - All Through One Subscription

Proven design, optimized for investors
Suitable for small, medium and large listed companies. No hidden fees.
Monthly subscription
We don't sacrifice on quality whatsoever.
Hands off and automated
We are approved by certified advisors for NASDAQ, NGM, Spotlight and more
“Fusir brings IR sites to the 21st century.
IR sites that really get the job done take tremendous time and resources. We were able to get a top of the line IR site our investors rave about for a no-brainer monthly subscription"
Robin Stenman, CEO Tourn International

Do more than just fulfill regulatory requirements

Provide a great experience for all investors

Optimised for maximum investor impact

Give investors what
they want in an easy to consume way

  • Provide a mesmerising first impression that helps your company stay top of mind
  • Every corner of the site is UX optimised
  • Optimised for mobile

Explain your companys potential within seconds

When investors don’t understand your company, your stock price won’t reflect its true value and you’ll find that they focus on the wrong things.

We help you:

  • Tell your equity story in a clear way
  • Incorporate a proven layout and story-telling tactics to maximise understanding

Your IR site on autopilot

Automated site to ensure your investors always has the latest info

  • Press releases, reports and calendar
  • On-site content synced with what your quarterly reports commmunicates
  • All your media in one place (articles, podcasts, videos)
  • Your financial data visualized into beautiful graphs
Quick setup
Minimal involvement
Effortless to switch to

All on a simple monthly subscription

Optimised to enable investment decisions

Explain your company's potential within seconds

Our websites have been developed with a data driven approach to make sure both retail and institutional investors can effortlessly grasp your company’s value.

We make it effortless

For both investors and listed companies

Client work

Tourn International

”Nice" - Robin Stenman, CEO of Tourn

Lean on us

Simplified pricing, fast delivery

We’ve spent the time and resources to create the ideal IR site and are working to constantly optimize it through data-driven methods.

Let us handle the details of your IR site so you can focus on driving success and delivering value to your investors.

Easy updates

Once your website is built, you’re in control

Because its 2023. Waiting weeks on developers to make updates your website is a thing of the past. When you are subscribed to a change to your site is always just one message away.  We also give you access to a simplified CMS that allows you to update the content of your site on your own, without risk of messing anything up.

Feature updates included in every subscription

Constantly evolving
IR site

We aim to produce the highest impact IR websites in the world.

  • Via data-driven optimisation methods
    Web-analytics, user research, testing and best practices.
Increase demand for your stock
Our IR pages are designed to deliver more than just what’s required. It functions as a shareable teaser for your company, increasing likelihood of organic demand for your stock.
Simple subscriptions
Experience high end IR with one simple monthly subscription. No hidden fees.
Lightning fast setup
Our development process allows us to quickly research your company and design your website with minimal time investment from your side.
Have your IR site run on autopilot
We monitor your company and keep your regulotary info, media coverage, and equity story all up to date.

Our simple process


We help you pick a site plan

Every company is unique, we help you pick the right option for you.


Fill out a form

We ask a few questions to get us started, after that we will do the heavy lifting.


Receive your IR site

Delivered within 2 weeks. We publish the site, our collaboration continues and the site will continue to evolve with your company.

Our offer

Monthly subscription
Full Next-gen IR website
Optimised for maximum investor impact.
  • Site setup to highlight your unique potential.
  • Customised to your brand
  • Fully automated regulatory information
  • We continuously scan for new info released about your company and ensure to your site is always up to up to date
  • All feature updates are included
  • Delivered within 2 weeks
  • 100% compliant with regulations
  • Exclusive support
  • Pages included:
  • Investor overview
  • Visualized data
  • Financials
  • Governance
  • Media
  • Contact
*All modules from Investor overview page product are included in Next-gen IR website's investor overview page.
Additional services
Investor landingpages
Design of IR content
Interactive quarterly reports
IR video production

Latest work


Robin Stenman
"I have to say, when it comes to crisp and intuitive UX and UI for IR projects, Fusir really knows what they're doing. Their work speaks volumes about their expertise and attention to detail."
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The Team

Meet our founders Erik and Filip

Erik Kähr
Erik handles the strategic direction of our products and tech to ensure they achieve our vision; making IR effortless for both listed companies and investors.
Unlock secret facts
Filip Adolfsson
Filip takes care of day to day operations, provides creative direction for the business and ensures all projects achieve their desired results.
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Let us handle the details of your IR site so you can focus on driving success and delivering value to your investors.

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What is fusir and how does it work?

Fusir is an IR site subscription service with a focus on providing seamless investor experiences that leaves lasting impressions and saves listed companies time.

Our vision is to democratize good IR, so that companies of all sizes can have a fair shot at securing funding, and so that investors can make good investment decisions.

What if I am with another IR site provider? Is it easy to switch over?

Yes, we have specifically built the site so any company can seamlessly transition over to the fusir IR site. All your documents, integrations, data sources is setup through fusir’s technology.

How involved will we be in the process of getting a site?

You will provide us with any relevant info required to create the site in the beginning of our collaboration by filling out a form. After that, we will be able to the heavy lifting to complete your site.

We will always be available with additional meetings and feedback throughout the process to ensure a quality delivery.

Are press releases, quarterly reports and other regulatory information automatically updated?

Yes, our automations ensures the regulatory information you communicate to the market will always be automatically posted on your IR site.

How does a fusir IR site make my life easier?

Fusir gives you an IR site that is always up to date, helps your investors understand you, while at the same allowing you the flexibility to update your site as your company evolves. In short, it saves you and you’re investors time.

Do you customise the IR site to our companies branding?

Yes, we have experience with design and branding, and will make sure your site looks great and fits your existing brand.

How are you able to produce these in 2 weeks? Is the quality sacrificed?

By niching down and only serving publicly listed companies, we have been able to develop a process that makes us more efficient and more valuable to our customers. Our speed allows us to offer you massive value at affordable pricing.

Is the IR site 100% compliant to listed company regulations?

Our proven template has been approved for nordic stock markets, however we always advice our clients to double check the site with their certified advisor once it is finished.

How is the website constantly evolving?

The website will evolve with the new information you communicate to investors. We also run continuos testing to optimize our website template, which enables us to improve your IR site’s UX even more over time.

We have vast experience in user testing and research, web analytics, CRO, AB testing, and best practices working with some of the largest companies in the world such as IKEA, HBO max and more.

Am I able to make edits to the site? How easy is it?

A certain amount of hours per month of support is provided in our site plans, so if you have a change you want to make, you can just message us.

What happens if there is an emergency and we need to update the site quickly?

We will always be available in your dedicated slack channel and via phone.

How do we keep in contact with you?

We will always be available in your dedicated slack channel

Still have questions?

Let us handle the details of your IR site so you can focus on driving success and delivering value to your investors.

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Investor overview
IR news
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Report highlights
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Financial data
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